Injured in a Collision? An Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help You Collect

Car Accidents

Car after front-end collision

Millions of motor vehicle accidents occur every year, causing serious injuries, losses, and even death. If negligence, reckless acts, or drunk driving caused a crash that injured you or a loved one, we will fight for you. At Leahy Law, we have over 35 years of experience representing car accident victims, dealing with insurance adjusters, and obtaining full, rightful compensation.

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Truck Accidents

Blurred semi-truck driving on highway

Collisions with big rigs often result in catastrophic injury or death. Commercial truck accident cases can be complicated, but victims do not have to face them alone. Our attorneys have a proven track record of helping victims of trucking accidents collect the compensation they deserve.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle helmet next to skid mark on road

Motorcycles are popular on Washington’s scenic highways, but exposed riders are at increased risk of severe injury in an accident. Insurance companies often show bias against motorcycles. Our attorneys at Leahy Law are experienced with motorcycle accidents and will aggressively fight to protect your rights.

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Pedestrian Accidents

Woman's legs at edge of crosswalk
Roadway negligence and reckless or drunk driving often harm innocent pedestrians and cause devastating injuries. Victims and families deserve restitution for their losses, and Leahy Law will fight for your right to compensation. We have successfully won thousands of pedestrian accident cases, and will work hard to help you.
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Bicycle Accidents

injured bicyclist
Careless motorists frequently cause bicycle accidents resulting in injury to both adults and innocent children. Many of these accidents involve negligence and reckless driving. Leahy Law is dedicated to holding guilty parties accountable and seeking full compensation for bike accident victims.
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Drunk Driver Collisions

Policeman holding breathalyzer

Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs causes devastating accidents every day. If you or a loved one has been injured by an impaired driver, do not hesitate to take legal action. Our compassionate attorneys have the expertise necessary to obtain justice for victims of grossly irresponsible driving.

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Distracted Driving

Woman driving and texting
Drivers distracted by texting or performing other activities on hand-held devices cause thousands of serious traffic accidents. If you are a victim of a distracted driver, you are entitled to justice, including due compensation for injuries and losses. Leahy Law has more than 35 years of experience represent victims of negligent drivers.
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Overservice by a Bar or Tavern

Glass of scotch next to car keys
In Washington, bars and other alcohol retailers can be held responsible when a tragedy involves an intoxicated patron of their establishment. We have successfully handled many liability cases for clients, and are dedicated to placing the financial burdens of innocent victims exactly where they belong. Let us fight for your rights.
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Uber Drivers

In the wake of new transportation services like Uber and Lyft, getting to and from your destination is much easier. But they also open up many complicated legal questions. If an Uber driver gets into an accident, are they covered by the company? Are the polices for hiring new drivers strict enough to ensure that passengers are protected? The lawyers at Leahy Law can help you navigate these new legal waters to ensure that you receive the best protection possible, whether you are a driver or passenger.

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