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Loren Cochran and Cole Douglas know from years of representing clients that car accidents can cause irreversible damage.

While a lawsuit cannot repair all of the pain, loss, or trauma, it can provide the resources you need to heal. 

The car accident lawyers at Cochran Douglas are here to fight for you — reach out to our Tacoma, WA, office today.

Time to File Is Limited You Have 3 Years

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The statute of limitations on personal injury cases in Washington, like car accident cases, is three years. Time is of the essence — and our lawyers can help you every step of the way, starting with a free car accident injury claim consultation.

Personal Injury Lawyers That Are on Your Side From Day One

The car accident lawyers at Cochran Douglas are here to help you from the moment of your accident through to the resolution of your case.

Even if you are still on the scene of an auto accident, we can guide you through the process and explain which evidence to preserve.

First, though, ensure that you are safely located away from any danger. Once you call 911, then you can contact us to begin your car accident claim.

If you need assistance notifying your insurance provider after a car accident, our Tacoma personal injury office will help make the process as simple and smooth as we can. We can also answer your questions and concerns, helping you during a stressful situation.

If you think you need a personal injury attorney, you can reach out to us at any time.

Verdicts and Settlements Won for Our Clients

Our lawyers have secured millions for Tacoma clients who have been injured in car accidents or treated poorly by insurance companies.

$1.1 Million

Our client, the passenger of a drunk driver, suffered a serious injury in a motor vehicle accident.


Our Tacoma car accident lawyers secured $546,000 for a husband and wife who were in two separate collisions.


Our lawyers secured a UIM settlement for wrongfully denied auto insurance benefits.

Alleviate Your Financial Worries With a Personal Injury Case

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The impact of a car accident reaches far beyond the collision. Property damage such as destroyed cars can greatly impact your finances. Vehicles are expensive to replace. Additionally, not having reliable transportation can impact your wages or job opportunities.

Car Accidents Have Long-Lasting Repercussions But Cochran Douglas Can Help

Filing a personal injury lawsuit against the other driver can offset the financial costs of your car accident, like property damage and medical bills.

A car accident claim can also alleviate some of your worries and give you the resources you need to recover.

You're not alone in this journey. Our dedicated personal injury attorneys can pursue just compensation for your car accident. Your peace of mind is our priority — and we provide service that backs that statement up.

In addition to giving free consultations, we work on a contingency basis, so you won't owe us a cent unless we win your case.

Contact our Tacoma office or call:

Mr. Douglas
If you need a Tacoma car accident lawyer, Mr. Cochran and Mr. Douglas may be able to help with your case. We offer free consultations and even free parking, so you don't have to stress about cost.

"They took great care of me." Read What Tacoma Clients Think of Our Car Accident Lawyers


Julia Lee

Tacoma, WA


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I had a fantastic experience working with Cole and his whole team. Competent, compassionate, communicative. They took great care of me and handled my case better than I could have expected. Thank you!

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Daron Buxton

Tacoma, WA


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This is a first-class law firm. They went above and beyond to settle my case, and greatly exceeded my expectations. They are genuine, kind, and compassionate. Cochran Douglas has an amazing staff that will keep you informed through the process and work to ease the anxiety surrounding your case. These are the people you want on your side!

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The Two Big Financial Advantages Cochran Douglas Offers

Free Consultations

It can be overwhelming to decide next steps after a car accident. To alleviate some of the burden you may be facing, our Tacoma personal injury lawyers provide free consultations.

Contingency Payments

If we don't earn you any payments from a car accident claim, then we won't receive any compensation either. Our car accident attorneys will always put you first, so that you have the level of dedication you deserve.

We Don't Bow Down to Insurance Companies

Mr. Cochran and Mr. Douglas
Choosing strong car accident lawyers like Mr. Cochran and Mr. Douglas can make all the difference in getting you fair compensation for your personal injury lawsuit.

Choose Car Accident Attorneys Who Know How to Deal With Insurance Companies

Dealing with an accident requires sorting personal injury and car insurance claims, as well as speaking with insurance adjusters who don't have your best interests in mind.

Though the odds may seem against you, you have a strong legal resource at your disposal: our lawyers.

The most important thing you can do is to reach out to Cochran Douglas as soon as possible. We understand insurance companies' tactics and how to fight them. When adjusters call, defer them to us.

To get started, reach out to our Tacoma law office for a free consultation or call:

(253) 472-7777

Lawyers talking to each other
After an auto accident, you have enough to worry about. Our contingency-based Tacoma law firm will handle the insurance companies, so that you can begin to heal emotionally and physically.
"I just wrapped up my case with Cochran Douglas representing me and I am grateful they were the ones to do so. There’s a lot of headache when dealing with these types of things and these guys did all the legwork for me and made the process as seamless as possible. I didn’t have to call in for an update and always felt in the loop. I was happy with he outcome of their work and will be sure to use them in the future and recommend them with full confidence. Thanks again to the whole team for all of your efforts!" Michael Heathcote

What Factors Can Lead to a Car Accident?

No matter what factors contributed to your car accident, our lawyers can help pursue compensation in the aftermath.

What Happens if the Other Driver Does Not Have Insurance?

In some cases, it's possible that the other driver responsible for the accident does not have insurance.

This is illegal in Washington, and can even lead to suspension of a driver's license, but it still happens.

Despite this obstacle, you can still seek compensation from your own insurance provider. The process looks a bit different, but our car accident lawyers are equipped to handle it.

Man signing paperwork with car keys

The Car Accident Lawyers at Cochran Douglas Earned Six Figures From an Uninsured Driver Case

Lawyers shaking hands over settlement
Our proven track record in uninsured driver cases is strong. We helped a client receive a six-figure settlement against an uninsured motorist.

In the Event of a Hit and Run You Need a Strong Car Accident Lawyer

Man on phone after hit-and-run

Experiencing a car accident can be traumatic, stressful, and expensive, even if the other driver accepts responsibility. In some cases, especially if drugs or alcohol were involved, a driver who caused an accident may leave the scene.

In the past, it was often harder to find the guilty party after they abandoned an accident. Now, thanks to cell phone cameras, traffic video, and even GPS location, responsible drivers can have a substantial amount of evidence against the other driver.

You won't be alone either. The car accident lawyers at Cochran Douglas will sift through the facts and work alongside experts to discover new evidence.

The sooner you act, the easier it is to build a strong case. We're here when and where you need us — so reach out today.

"You won't regret choosing them." Read Why Tacoma Clients Trust Our Car Accident Attorneys


Sombo “She said what” Gantt

Tacoma, WA


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My family and I are truly grateful for the hard work this team put in for my case. We highly recommend Cole and his entire team for your case. Ella's and Erin professionalism is beyond top-notch. You won't regret choosing them for your case. Thank you guys

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Luba Marmazyuk

Tacoma, WA


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Probably one the the best Law office out there! They were always there, picked up every phone call right away and answered fast! I highly recommend anyone to give them a call and get help with your case... We recently closed my case and I’m just very thankful I chose them and I think you should too. :)

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Washington Is a Comparative Negligence State
What That Means in Your Car Accident Case

In some states, if a person is at fault for an accident, their insurance company must pay 100% of the damages. In other states, if a person is even 1% at fault for the accident, they cannot recover anything from a personal injury claim.

Washington is a comparative negligence state, meaning the court considers both parties' actions when determining fault for an auto accident. For example, if you're hit by another driver, but you were speeding, you can both be at fault for the accident.

Both drivers can obtain compensation for an accident, and you can obtain compensation for an accident even if you were 99% at fault. If you're partially at fault for the accident, your settlement or award will be reduced based on your proportion of fault. For example, if the insurance company can argue that you're 10% at fault for the accident, they can reduce your compensation by 10%.

Our personal injury attorneys will work to maximize the amount of fault attributed to the other driver, so you can collect as much compensation as possible. They will also work to disprove the insurance company's arguments against you claiming that you should be more at fault for the accident.

Cochran Douglas Your Ally if the Unthinkable Happens

An accident can cause fatal injuries, leaving your family to deal with excruciating repercussions.

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of a driver, we can provide compassionate legal help, and file a wrongful death claim by the three-year deadline.

Cochran Douglas has secured multi-million dollar wrongful death settlements for past clients and can fight aggressively to do the same for you.

"If you are looking for attorneys that are sharp, care, and kind you are looking in the right place. Cochran Douglas office really cares about you and your case. They get back to you right away via email, phone call, they are so professional which is something I was looking for." Natalie Hernandez


Our personal injury attorneys have collected numerous honors and belong to noted professional organizations, ensuring they stay current with the ever-changing legal landscape. Among our honors and professional affiliations:

  • WSAJ: Washington State Association for Justice
  • WSBA: Washington State Bar Association
  • KCBA: King County Bar Association
  • TPCBA: Tacoma Pierce County Bar Association
  • Super Lawyers
  • Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum

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