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The foster care system is in place to promote the safety and well-being of children.

When children are abused in this system, the abusive foster parents and negligent state agencies should be held accountable.

Our foster care abuse lawyers at Cochran Douglas help Federal Way, WA, abuse victims put their lives back together and move forward.

Types of
Child Abuse

  • Physical Abuse

    Using force to harm a child is physical abuse. Striking or restraining a child are both considered physical abuse.

  • Sexual Abuse

    Any sexual activity with a child is sexual abuse. Rape, molestation, and exposing a child to sexual activity are all considered sexual abuse.

  • Emotional Abuse

    Emotional abuse undermines a child' self-worth and psychological well-being. Name-calling, threats of violence, and insults are all considered emotional abuse.

  • Neglect

    Neglect is when foster parents don't give a child the things they need to survive, like food, medical care, housing, and clothes. Neglect can be physical or emotional.

Were You Abused in the Foster Care System? Our Lawyers Can Help Make It Right

If you know a child who is being abused, the first thing you should do is report the abuse so the child can be placed in a safe situation. Then, contact an attorney who can get started on seeking damages or negotiating a settlement by filing a civil case.

If you're an adult who was abused, you're likely dealing with the lasting consequences. Filing a civil case can help you secure compensation for psychological care. Pursuing a case now can help make a difference for children in foster care by making the authorities aware of the abuser.

Our Tacoma personal injury office serving Federal Way can help you file a civil lawsuit, inform you of your options and resources, and help you obtain compensation to help you get the care you need to move forward. To get started, we invite you to reach out to our Tacoma law office.

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Statutes of Limitations for Foster Care Abuse

A statute of limitations determines a deadline by which a person can take legal action. These deadlines are different from case to case.

Criminal Cases

There is no statute of limitations for the sexual abuse, trafficking, or exploitation of children under the age of 16. However, there are statutes of limitations for other forms of child abuse, neglect, and endangerment that vary depending on the offense.

Civil Litigation

The statute of limitations for civil litigation will vary based on the nature of the abuse or neglect. However, any child sexual abuse that occurred after June 6, 2024, does not have a statute of limitations for civil actions.

If the statute of limitations has passed in your case, you can still inform the authorities of your abuse. This will leave a trail and help protect foster children in Federal Way and throughout Washington so they don't have to endure the same type of situation.

What to Do If You're Being Abused in the Foster Care System

"The Cochran Douglas law firm, formerly Leahy Law, has protected victims of abuse for over four decades."
"The Cochran Douglas law firm, formerly Leahy Law, has protected victims of abuse for over four decades."

Get Out of the Situation

If you can, tell a trusted adult or family member that you're being abused. If you're an adult who suspects a child is being abused in foster care, report the abuse to local law enforcement or Child Protective Services.

Get Medical Help

Any form of abuse can take a toll on a child, leading to physical and psychological damage that can last well into adulthood. Getting medical attention and psychological help as soon as possible can help you mitigate the effects of the abuse and begin healing.

Contact Our Attorneys

Our attorneys at Cochran Douglas serving Federal Way, VancouverOlympia, Puyallup, and beyond can get to work pursuing legal action so we can collect the money you will need to cope with the effects of abuse. Your case can also help prevent further foster care abuse by exposing abusers and holding them responsible.

Put the Law on Your Side

"I had the pleasure of working with Cochran Douglas Attorneys at Law, and I can confidently say that they exceeded my expectations in every way. From the moment I reached out for legal assistance, their team demonstrated unparalleled professionalism, expertise, and a support. I felt heard, guided, and well taken care of while working with their awesome team... Their expertise, communication, and dedication to achieving favorable outcomes make them a standout choice in the legal field." Alexander

The Long-Term Effects of Child Abuse

Victim of foster care abuse having trouble concentrating at school

Survivors of foster care abuse often face lasting consequences, even after they've left their abusive foster home. A child may struggle in school, have low self-esteem, withdraw from activities they once enjoyed, have anxiety or depression, and show other signs of distress. 

An adult who was abused as a child can be at higher risk for delayed brain development, substance abuse, lower educational attainment, limited employment opportunities, post-traumatic stress disorder, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and more.

If you've experienced abuse in a foster home, you have legal options. Our Tacoma lawyers, Cole Douglas and Loren Cochran, are here to help you explore them. You owe it to yourself to get the help you need to move forward. The compensation you earn in a settlement can help you get care, whether you require counseling or other forms of therapy. The money can also go toward medical bills that accumulated while you were in foster care.

4 Parties That Can Be Held Liable for Your Abuse and Neglect

Foster Parents

Foster parents who abused, neglected, exploited, or otherwise mistreated you can be sued for damages. They can also be prosecuted for criminal offenses.

Respite Workers or Volunteers

Respite workers step in as primary caregivers to give foster parents or other primary caregivers a short-term break. When a respite worker abuses a foster child, a lawsuit can be filed against them.

Foster Care Agencies

Organizations and agencies responsible for screening caregivers, placing children with foster parents, and investigating allegations of foster care abuse can be sued for negligence when they fail to keep children safe.

The State of Washington

The state of Washington is responsible for training and doing background checks on foster parents. When complaints of abuse arise, the state is responsible for investigating them. When the state falls short and fails to protect children in foster care from harm, it can be sued for its negligence.

Holding Government Entities Accountable

Cochran Douglas has experience standing up to cities, counties, and the state of Washington when they violate the law. If a state agency failed to investigate your foster care abuse allegations, our legal team can help you secure compensation to get the care you need and put your life back on track.

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