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Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

Are you a survivor of sexual assault or sexual abuse? You may be entitled to file a personal injury claim against the perpetrator.

Sexual assault and abuse can leave lasting emotional scars. Let us help hold those responsible accountable.

Attorneys Loren Cochran and Cole Douglas in Tacoma, WA, can fight to recoup damages and hold the guilty party responsible for their actions.

Our Attorneys Fight For You We Are Not Afraid To Go To Trial

Our attorneys represent victims of sexual assault, harassment, rape, sexual abuse, and child molestation. While filing a civil lawsuit cannot change the past, it allows victims and their families to find compensation for the devastating and life-long effects of sexual abuse and harassment.

The Statistics of Sexual Abuse and Assault

"Someone is sexually assaulted every 68 seconds in the U.S." According to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN)
Despite this alarming number, only 25 out of every 1,000 rape perpetrators will ever be sentenced to jail time through the criminal justice system.

It Is Not Your Fault Contact Our Washington Attorneys for Help

Contact our Tacoma law firm if you have been a victim of sexual assault or abuse. We will work tirelessly to bring some peace back into your life by holding the perpetrator responsible and getting you the money you are owed. Our law firm:

Prioritizes Clients

We take the time to get to know our clients and their goals. We are not afraid to take your case to trial to fight for what you deserve. We strive to always provide the best representation that results in maximum compensation for you.

Knows Privacy Matters

Do not let the fear of coming forward stop you from getting the financial compensation you deserve. We have worked on dozens of sexual cases and understand how to handle each case with the utmost sensitivity and privacy. 

Works on a Contingency Basis

Our Tacoma law office offers a free initial consultation and no retainer. We work on a contingency basis. This means we don’t get paid unless you do. In addition, we don’t require any additional payment, even if your case goes to trial.

Has a Clear Focus

We are attorneys who solely focus on personal injury law. Unlike other law firms that deal with every branch of law, we keep our focus on personal injury to give each case the focused attention it deserves. This enables us to consistently achieve the best results.

Justice for Sexual Abuse Victims

Our sexual abuse lawyers have tried many cases on behalf of victims of all ages. Cochran Douglas is focused on achieving justice for these victims. We are also dedicated to holding responsible parties accountable in order to prevent future acts of abuse.

Are You a Sexual Abuse Survivor? Contact Our Sexual Abuse Lawyers Today

At Cochran Douglas, PLLC, we are committed to helping victims of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and child molestation by filing a lawsuit on their behalf. We bring years of legal experience to the table, and we can examine your case and help you explore all your legal options.

Don’t let your perpetrator be one of the hundreds who go unpunished. Contact our Tacoma, WA, law office today to get what you are owed.

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A Law Firm That Cares "I always felt heard and never judged"


Carly Northcott


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I am so grateful to have had Cole Douglas and Loren Cochran in my corner on more than one occasion. They patiently listened to the sensitive, and often awkward, details of my stories and I always felt heard and never judged. I was new to all of this, and they were always willing to answer any of my questions and they explained the legal process to me in detail and kept me updated throughout the process. I was always treated with respect and kindness. I will always look to them for any future legal advice and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs assistance.

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Melvin Polk


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First and foremost ELLA IS THE BEST!!!!!!! This has been the very BEST experience and service starting with the initial phone call to this outstanding law firm. Their team of  legal assistants  there really explained everything to me throughly and made sure we were on the same page . Straight forward explanation of their services and the outcome they expect for my case . Which in the end is compensation. Would highly recommend this law firm over any other in the area for sure Cochran Douglas is my lawyer for life.

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A Closer Look At Consent There are some cases where legal consent cannot be given

You Feel Threatened

Legal consent cannot be given if the victim feels threatened, forced, or coerced in any way to agree to a sexual act.

You Are Physically Unable

If you are too drunk, high, passed out, drugged, asleep, or incapacitated in any way, you are unable to give legal consent.

You Are Mentally Unable

Some people are unable to give legal consent due to a mental illness or disability.

You Are Too Young

Washington law states anyone under the age of 16 years old is unable to give legal consent. 

It’s Not Too Late Contact Our Tacoma Law Firm Today

In 2019 the Washington statute of limitations for sexual abuse changed. For sexual assault committed against children under 16, the statute of limitations has been completely eliminated. For victims 16 and older, the statute of limitations was extended to 20 years from the date the crime occurred.

This gave survivors the time they needed to come forward and begin to process and heal from this terrible trauma. Contact our Tacoma law firm if you have been a victim of sexual abuse. We will review your case at your free initial consultation.

There is no risk. Call our Tacoma law firm today.

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Tacoma Trusts Our Sexual Abuse Attorneys


Juliette Sanchez


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Great experience. I would highly encourage reaching out to them and recommend to anyone in need of a lawyer. The whole team surpassed my expectations and I am very grateful for their help.

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Jessi Williamson


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Loved working this this team! They’re all extremely hard-working, friendly, and very responsive! Would recommend to anyone needing attorney services!

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The Types Of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can occur in a variety of forms and be fostered through a number of different power dynamics. The lawyers at Cochran Douglas, PLLC, in Tacoma, WA, have a proven track record of holding sexual perpetrators accountable and placing the power back into the hands of the survivor. 

Sexual Abuse by a Helping Professional

You should feel safe when in the care of a trusted professional such as a doctor, coach, clergyman, boss, or teacher. Sexual misconduct by a person in power is a total breach of trust and a violation of the law.

Sexual Abuse Within an Institution

Where you work and go to school should feel like a safe space. Contact our lawyers right away if you or your child has been harassed or sexually assaulted within these institutions.

Sexual Abuse Within a Group Home

Foster care, nursing homes, and other group home settings should be trusted places for their residents. Contact our lawyers if you or someone you know feels unsafe within one of these group homes.

Sexual Abuse by an Intimate Partner

According to RAINN, 33% of rapes are committed by a current or former spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Contact our lawyers if you have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of your partner. 

The Signs Of Sexual Abuse

Contact our Tacoma, WA, sexual abuse attorneys if you believe your child, student, or any young person you know has been a victim of sexual abuse, assault, or harassment. There are signs to watch out for to know if this person could have been affected. While physical warning signs such as a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or bruising around the genitals are signs at any age, behavioral and emotional warning signs can vary.

Signs for a Child

A common sign that a child has suffered sexual abuse is excessive talk or knowledge about sexual acts they otherwise should not know about. A child may also display behavioral and emotional changes such as regressive behaviors, changes in eating habits, not wanting to remove clothing or take baths, and excessive fear. 

More Warning Signs for Children

Signs for a Teen

A teen who has suffered sexual abuse will typically have an increase in anxiety, show signs of depression, pay less attention to their hygiene, have excessive weight gain or loss, increase substance abuse, and care less about their grades.

More Warning Signs for Teens

Signs for a College-Age Adult

The signs for a college-age adult are similar to the warning signs for a teen. They might have a drop in grades or withdraw from classes, begin self-harming behavior, talk about suicide, avoid specific places on campus, engage in substance abuse, and have low self-esteem.

More Warning Signs for College Students


A Common Occurrence 

Sexual assault can happen to both men and women, but is far more common in women.

One out of every six American women has been the victim of attempted or completed rape. According to RAINN

We Take Pride In Representing Tacoma, WA


Kathy Oliver


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Cole Douglas helped me through a very stressful process, one which I would have bailed out several times if not for his ongoing support and reassurance. I had never been through a personal injury claim, and wasn’t sure what to expect.  Cole guided me every step of the way; he, Ella, and Loren are an exceptional team, professional and sensitive to client’s needs.  The outcome far exceeded my expectations, I highly recommended this firm without hesitation.

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BeEn ThAt


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Mr. Cocohran listened to my story, and told me he would fight for me. From start to finish that's exactly what he and his team did for me, he fought and he won my case! This was one of the most hardest fights I have had to fight in my life, but it helped having a team of supporters who would have the strength to fight on days when I was to weak to fight myself...

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Our personal injury attorneys have collected numerous honors and belong to noted professional organizations, ensuring they stay current with the ever-changing legal landscape. Among our honors and professional affiliations:

  • WSAJ: Washington State Association for Justice
  • WSBA: Washington State Bar Association
  • KCBA: King County Bar Association
  • TPCBA: Tacoma Pierce County Bar Association
  • Super Lawyers
  • Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum

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