Seeking Compensation with a Sports Injury Claim

Injuries are common in team sports and athletics. However, when another party's negligent or purposeful conduct is the cause of a serious sports injury, you may be able to pursue a sports injury claim. Cochran Douglas in Tacoma, WA, assists victims and families in these cases, fighting for compensation for carelessness and wrongdoing. Our attorneys are highly experienced in personal injury law, representing injured children, teens, and adult athletes. We provide a free consultation for victims and families, offering valuable counsel. We will never recommend legal action unless it is in your best interest, and we collect no up-front legal fees.

Football athlete landing on his neck and head
Contact sports require great care on the part of coaches, equipment manufacturers, and those who maintain fields of play.

About Sports Injuries

Millions of children and teens are treated for sports-related injuries each year. Team sports such as basketball, football, wrestling, and soccer are known to be dangerous, but other sports can lead to injury. A number of catastrophic injuries happen in gymnastics, swimming, and equestrian sports. A broken bone is relatively minor, but  a significant number of sports injuries are serious, life-changing, or even deadly. Paralyzing spinal cord injuries can result from sports and recreation mishaps, and brain trauma and fatal injuries are also known to occur.

Because sports have an inherent “assumption of risk,” there may not be cause for civil action when injury occurs in the normal course of a game, such as when two players collide. In these cases, injury treatment costs are generally covered by health insurance. However, in some cases, an adverse event is the direct result of a coach or other player’s negligence or willful act. In other cases, faulty equipment, unsafe premises, or an angry assault may be to blame.

Examples of these circumstances might include:

  • A coach pushing a player beyond normal standards of endurance
  • Use of inadequate safety equipment or an equipment failure
  • Coaching or supervision by improperly trained personnel
  • Debris or maintenance problems in the sports field or venue
  • A personal vendetta resulting in willful violence during a game
  • An angry or careless player throwing a dangerous object
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Sports Injury Lawsuits

Sport injury victims who have suffered because of negligence and wrong-doing are entitled to recompense for pain and suffering and losses in quality of life. The victim may be an injured player or even a spectator in the stands, and liability may rest with a school, sports league or individual participant. If the defendant in a sports injury case is a public school, you are dealing with a government entity, and there are strict claim procedures to follow. In these situations and many others, it is essential that you seek the help of an experienced attorney at Cochran Douglas. Any situation involving a questionable sports injury or wrongful death warrants a call to our firm.

It is important to remember that insurance representatives will never have your best interests in mind – but we always will. If we believe you have legal standing, our attorneys will thoroughly investigate your case, obtaining pertinent evidence to prove liability. We will also work to substantiate your losses, including future needs and expenses. You can expect a significantly better outcome with our help.

It is important to remember that insurance representatives will never have your best interests in mind – but we always will.

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