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The state of Washington has strict liability laws that protect victims from dog bites and attacks. An experienced dog bite lawyer at Cochran Douglas in Tacoma, WA, can help you seek justice for serious injuries caused by a dangerous dog or negligent owner. Practicing personal injury law for over three decades, our attorneys provide valuable counsel for injured parties and aggressive, tireless representation for our clients. We charge no up-front legal fees, working for clients strictly on a contingency fee basis. To schedule a free consultation and let us review your case, please contact our practice today.

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When dog owners are negligent, tragedy can result.

About Dog Bites

Companion dogs are treasured pets for many individuals, but it is wise to remember, a dog's teeth and bite can prove dangerous. While some breeds have reputations for aggression and violence, almost any type of dog is capable of inflicting severe damage on defenseless, vulnerable victims. Often, it is children and the elderly who are most severely impacted by dog attacks, though many dogs can take down a healthy man or woman. Thousands of serious dog bite events occur every year, leaving devastating consequences for victims and their families. Many victims require emergency care and extensive treatment, including reconstructive plastic surgery in order to recover from their ordeal.  These attacks can leave lasting scars, both physical and emotional.

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Washington Dog Bite Law

Washington is one of several states that now have strict liability laws pertaining to pets, especially dogs. In most cases, the owner (or keeper) is strictly liable for injuries or wrongful death caused by their dog, regardless of a variety of circumstances. The law pertains to victims in public venues and private homes, with two exceptions: those who trespass on private property or provoke the animal may not be automatically covered. Similar liability laws are in effect in about half of U.S. states. Other states use a “one bite” rule, conferring strict liability only after a dog has demonstrated previous aggression.

In Washington, strict liability pertains to bite incidents only. If a dog harms a victim in another way, such as knocking them over, the law does not apply. However, negligence can be a factor in these types of cases. If, for example, a dog is known to be aggressive or sensitive around kids, the owner may be liable for any injury caused by the animal because they did not take appropriate action to avoid it. This situation is true even in cases where a child has been said to  have “provoked” a dog's behavior.

In these type of cases, dog owners are typically covered through homeowners and renters insurance. However, the insurance company will often put up a very strong fight. Insurance companies prefer to avoid paying out large amounts of money to satisfy a claim. Securing the help of Cochran Douglas when seeking compensation for a dog bite can make make all the difference in the success of your outcome.

Cochran Douglas performs comprehensive investigations, compiling evidence to prove liability on the part of the dog owner or keeper.

Help from Cochran Douglas

Cochran Douglas helps victims and families dealing with all types of catastrophic injuries and fatalities. We work hard to ensure our clients receive full compensation for pain and suffering, income loss, and emotional distress. Recognizing that trauma from a dog bite can cause the need for financial restitution to extend far into the future, we substantiate present as well as anticipated future damages for our clients. If needed, we perform comprehensive investigations, compiling evidence to prove liability on the part of the dog owner or keeper. We are always on our clients' side, and will fight for their needs and rights to compensation.

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If you or your loved one is suffering because of a dog mauling incident, please contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We can provide aggressive representation to help you recover.



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